Saturday April 7th
  7 pm - 8:30 pm
with Jeff Deen and Teresa Martinez

5 Sisters
8805 SW 132nd St
Miami, Florida

Shamanic Sound Healing Journey  -   Heart & Soul Alignment -  Rhythmic Resonance Healing

Join sound healer Jeff Deen and energy healer Teresa Martinez on this sacred meditative journey into the depths of your heart and soul. Allow the power of sound, rhythm and vibration to quiet your mind and carry you into the world of pure feeling and senses.  Open the pathways of the body, mind, heart & spirit to release the patterns, beliefs and energies that no longer serve you.  Awaken, remember and connect with your innermost essence of love and your true Self. You will be guided and assisted with this powerful combination of rhythm, drumming, breath work, mantra chanting, guided meditation, chakra balancing, vibrational healing and grounding with movement for your in your growth, healing and evolution. Enjoy a connection with others in this Sacred Circle.

Bring a yoga mat and pillow 
Sacred Circle Exchange: $30


Jeff Deen is a shamanic sound healer, professional speaker and musician. He combines his over 25 years of experience as a tabla player with his intuitive healing abilities to transport his clients and audiences into deep spaces of healing, release and transformation. Creating sacred space through his sounds and words, Jeff is dedicated to the healing and awakening of humanity.

Teresa Martinez is an accomplished energy medicine practitioner and teacher with over 20 years of experience in modalities such as Soul Focused Esoteric Healing, Quantum Touch, and Akashic Records Consultation. A Priestess and alchemist of energy and the elements, she leads with her heart blending wellness and spirituality for individuals and groups.  One of her biggest passions is facilitating sacred Goddess Gatherings (Womens Circles) and retreats internationally. Teresa is dedicated to the ascension of womankind, mankind and Mother Earth.

Together, Jeff and Teresa's sacred union creates a powerful embodiment of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine frequencies, an energetic container of Love, in which individuals and couples are safe to transmute their deepest pain/separation and access their highest Light.