Teresa loves to
share her
Passion, Wisdom and Guidance in Wellness & Spirituality.  

Allow me to help you personalize a WellBeing Lifestyle & Integrate with Practice​ for your Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul​

Wellness, Spiritual & Lifestyle Services
Energy Medicine
Allow Teresa to Support and Guide you as you:
Learn techniques & tools for a healthier balanced Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.
She helps us to Remember to LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE all that IS!! 
Experience Joy and Connection as we Awaken and Discover our True Self.
It is the Path back to our Divine Nature and One with Divine Mother/Father. 
  1. +
    Sacral Chakra/Center
  2. +
    Base or Root Chakra at base of Spine
  3. +
    Third Eye - Ajna Chakra/Center
  4. +
    Solar Plexus Chakra/Center
  5. +
    Heart Chakra/Center
  6. +
    Throat Chakra/Center
  7. +
    Crown Chakra/Center
  8. +
    Balanced Being