is a certified teacher and practitioner of Soul Focused Healing,  which is an Ancient Art of Energy Medicine for the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
She is also certified in Axiatonal Alignment, Akashic Record Consultation, Quantum Touch, and Quantum Angel Therapy.  She loves to blend natural healing modalities like aroma therapy, crystal and sound healing to assist each individual to find their balance on all levels.  She has vasts amounts of holistic and wellness experience to help you create a healthier and vibrant lifestyle. She has a deep passion to help those on their journey of life.

Teresa is currently living in Miami Beach and sharing her passions and gifts in the local communities with Spriitual & Wellness Guidance and Conscious Consulting Services. 

More on Teresa's life journey:
She was born in Panama City, Panama and raised in the Canal Zone, where she was blessed to start life in the tropics and in a latin culture.  Realizing how everyone was so fortunate as so many did not have much as compared to a north american view and life. Less is more and allows us to be more detached from materialism, modern society trends and social influences. 
She lived in the USA for 18 years (Florida, New Jersey, Arizona) which was a deep experience with wonderful years of health, fitness, business careers, travel, self discovery and awakening to her divine nature.  She has embraced living a healthy wholesome heart centered life.
In 2002 she began her exploration in Energy Medicine with a 2 year program in Soul Focused Healing, taught by Deborah Mills.  Her self transformation was a gradual shift with many experiences and waves of life. She continued to study with Deborah Mills in a Teacher Leadership program in Soul Focused Healing. 
She returned back to Panama in 2007 to live in Coronado, which is just over 1 hour from Panama City.  While there she worked in other areas such as:
Mangement at Bahia Resort, an exclusive beach front property which is one of the most desired condos on the pacific and built by one of the largest developers in the country. This was a 2 year role from the intial stage to completion of construcion. She consulted all stages from the initial concept, construction, decor, outfitting and managing of an elegant Spa full range of services at Bahia.  This led her to many other consulting services such as construction management, property management, design and decor of high condos/homes, vacation rental services, and consulting for food and beverage grilles.  
Teresa personally owned a Wellness Studio in El Sueno Galeria, a conscious art gallery.  Which was later transformed into her restaurant "Pizza Picasso Cafe" a healthy and delicious option in Coronado.
During many of those years she continued to build a community to gather for music, organic markets and for those heart centered spiritual conscious friends or residents interested in classes, workshops, meditations, or retreats in wellness and spirituality.  One of her favorite is to bring a group of women together (Goddess Gatherings - Sister Circles) to build a sisterhood and heart connection for discussion, support, and celebration. She has spent many years spreading her passion and love in Coronado, Panama City and in Playa Venao.
Teresa is a great individual to consider for projects relating to consciousness in your home, business, environment, or in wellness and spirituality.
Teresa is a perfect person to help you create your retreat in Panama.

Thank you for visiting and many Blessings!!!
Om Shanti - Namaste